Re: AP1100AE Unexpected park?

Ray Gralak wrote:

From the log file, I eliminated all possibilities except for manual double-clicking of the park-status on APCC's status bar, which matches the expected
command sequence from that action (two Q commands and the KA).

So, is it possible you had double-clicked the park field in the status bar?
Well, there's some line from Sherlock Holms about what remains after you eliminate all other possibilities being true, so it must be.

First, I didn’t even realize the bottom bar was active, I thought it was status only, so I learned something. At that time I was on a Android phone on an RDP client, where I drag fingers around to zoom into various parts of the screen. It's certainly possible I touched that bar, it's even possible the result was a click or double click though that usually takes more effort as you drag a pointer onto the thing you want to click, then tap it. But it's awkward working on a tiny screen and who knows. And I was half asleep.

I think I also figured out the half empty ASCOM logs, though not entirely. I keep the ASCOM driver set to default to PARK 2, since that's where a safety park will send it from NINA if it detects rain (or at end of sequence), aiming the OTA sideways not up. I keep the APCC set to Park 3, as that's where I load and unload. That means when I manually park, I do it from APCC, which I guess is rather invisible to ASCOM?

So my GUESS is that ASCOM figured out at 10pm that I parked, stopped logging. After 6am NINA parked it at the end of a sequence through ASCOM. I then unparked it in NINA to run another sequence for flats, and it started logging. What I don't quite understand is the 10pm stop was definitely from clicking on a slew-stop (I think) or emergency stop (possibly) in APCC when I realized I needed to go balance things. So not quite sure how ASCOM figured out it was parked.

Anyway, I think the logging being off was from me jumping the line, as it were, and using APCC directly so ASCOM got confused and left logging off even though it was running for hours live and unparked.

I do rather like having two different default park positions, at first that seemed redundant, but it's quite handy.

Thanks for playing Sherlock for my mystery. I learned several things... all this actually started by not remembering to turn off a questionable model, so I got to see how that affected guiding as well. My guess is that smaller model didn’t even cover the section of sky I was in by 5am -- I haven't had a chance to do the whole, entire, cloud free sky since I got the mount. Dry season is coming, I hope....

Thanks again,


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