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Ray Gralak

Hi Jeff,

Thx for the pointer on minix. I’ve seen these and wondered if they were underpowered. Now that I think
about it the minix might be appropriate for mount 2 which I’m thinking will initially be doing mostly solar ha
If you are planning high-speed+high-resolution video capture for solar imaging, then you may want to be careful with the specs of the computer. It can take more CPU to handle high megapixel and/or high frame rate video. Also, disk performance will be a factor, so choose a computer with at least a SATA SSD, and maybe even an x4 NVME SSD.


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Thx for the pointer on minix. I’ve seen these and wondered if they were underpowered. Now that I think
about it the minix might be appropriate for mount 2 which I’m thinking will initially be doing mostly solar ha

As for the 2012 i5 Mac mini… I run SGP, APCC, ASTAP, TheSky5 (old school, I didn’t like X), MGBox,
sharpcap (polar alignment) , UPBV2 , with a QHY-268m camera.

The i5 performance is more than adequate afaict. (I use a separate laptop for processing - Apple Mackbook
Air w/ the M1 processor. The MBA is also used for RemoteDesktop to run SGP, etc, on the MacMini at night.)


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CDC and HNSKY Planetariums do not cause any problems on my current MiniX so they should work
well on this one.

SkyX works fine as well, but I do not pan around SkyX looking at the planetarium directly, I only use it
for object lookup which is instant. SkyX Image Link does delay on my MiniX a few seconds longer than a
normal machine would. I have moved over to ASTAP for everything though, which is also practically instant.



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I can also vouch for this particular Minix model. I've been using the J50C-4 Max since last April with no
issue whatsoever. I can indeed run a powerbox advance client, Ascom OCH, APPC, NINA (Canon DSLR),
PHD2 (QHY5III-174M guider), APT (ASI183MC Pro), and SharpCap Pro (Polemaster) all at once and I get a
snappy user experience.

Adding Stellarium to the mix shows the hardware's limit though (GPU is an onchip Intel UHD 605 with
shared memory) and significantly impairs performance. So I just don't run it while imaging.I suspect it would
be the same with other realtime planetarium software.

One thing to account for is the relatively short range of the internal WiFi patch antennas. These are
perfect for indoor usage or if you have an outdoor signal booster in your backyard for example. But in my
case, I just bought 2 of these (watch out for the U.Fl connector type on your wifi adapter if you go this route) :

Monted them on a side panel and it almost quadrupled the orignial range around my house (about 70
feet radius now) with no other modifications. Enough to reliably connect to my home router from my backyard
portable setup in most places.

Of course ethernet works just fine too for that matter.

It is true the 12V input is protected and needs to be below about 13.V for it to power on but I found that
to be a problem only with a freshly charged battery. My workaround is to connect and power up evey other
equipment (mainly cameras through the PPBAv, heater bands and the Mach2) before hitting the power on
button. Never had any issue after I started doing that routinely.



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I dont think it would have any problems running all of that. I have a lot of devices on it. Powerbox,
MGBoxV2, PL16803 camera, CFW5-7, Ultrastar, AG Thermal box, Nitecrawler, etc and mine is the older
version with less power.


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For me with APCC, ACP Expert, MaxIm, FocusMax, and the rest of the automation software/hardware
and weather stuff that may be pushing it for me but then again I often over do the specs to be safe.


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I use a MiniX Mini PC that works well. The specific model I use is no longer made, but they have a
newer one: MINIX NEO J50C-8SE, 8GB/240GB Intel Pentium Silver Mini PC with Windows 10 Pro (64-
bit) [Dual-Band Wi-Fi/Gigabit Ethernet/4K @ 60Hz/Triple Display/USB-C/Auto Power On/Vesa Mount] :

Works really good, but the one thing to keep in mind is that it really wants a 12v regulated power input.
If the voltage is too high, it wont turn on.

I run Voyager, SkyX, APCC Pro, PHD2, and my AGO Thermal Control software on it no problem. This
one has a better processor than mine as well. The Win 10 Pro they include is authentic as well, which can be a
challenge from some Amazon mini-PC products.

If you decide you want more RAM or storage you can upgrade it. 8GB of memory and 240GB of
storage should be plenty though, IMO.


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