Re: AP1100AE Unexpected park?

Thanks. Everything's put away, but not firing it up to look until I am operating on more sleep.
OK, I lied, curiosity got the better of rational steps like sleeping. Found the :KA# (at 5:46:33.247) but have no idea where it came from.

Also, the ASCOM log is weird, it jumps from 20:03 to 6:29 at an unpark, but that's an unpark I did after the sequence completed and parked so I could do flats. It's way later than my unpark done about 5:56am to fix the park that occurred then. Weird. But including it.

So here's the logs. Again -- I'm pretty sure I hit some button or did something, too big a coincidence I was changing things and it parked -- but odd that there was a several minute delay, or seemed to be. I would be very curious what I did.

I also reviewed the rather detailed NINA logs at that time. It was in the middle of a 300s exposure. The exposure started at 5:46:07 and completed at 5:51:11, so it really was not doing anything at the point it parked. PHD2 was guiding at the time.

Now sleep.... 😊

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