Re: AP1100AE Unexpected park?

Ray said:

The title on that page says this is for mounts "Shipped prior to 11-13-00".
Just to be clear, that's November 13th, 2000 -- almost 21 years ago. :-)
Sigh... the downside of Google, you land mid-page and never even look at the top. ☹

The command to park the mount is ":KA#" in all firmware that can be used with APCC.
Additionally, the mount may auto-park if you disconnect from APCC for a short period, or if the mount loses power. And, if you double-click the park status field in the very lower left of APCC's main window, it will toggle park.
Thanks. Everything's put away, but not firing it up to look until I am operating on more sleep. Clouds and testing a new imaging train kept me awake way too much of the night.

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