Re: AP1100AE Unexpected park?

Ray wrote:

I've been staring at logs and cannot figure out why it parked. I see
in APCC logs the unpark dialog and process, but nothing about parking
(I searched for ":Me#" which is what the documentation says does a park, also the "*PARK" command I've seen when it parks in a position).
There are various ways that the mount can park, but ":Me#" is not one of them. That command moves the mount East at the current
move rate, which is usually the guide rate. >Also, be careful trying to decipher the commands starting with "*". Those are commands from the
AP V2 ASCOM driver to APCC, not to the mount. When APCC gets one of those commands, it interprets them and can do anything from a simple
response to invoking a multi-state operation such as parking.

If you want to zip and post a link to the log files I will take a look. Or, if you desire to look for yourself, you can search for the reponses
to the :GOS# command. The mount is parked when the first character of the response turns to a "P",
I'm tearing down now to bring it in, will look later after I get some sleep. Thanks for the quick response.

Note my search for :Me# was based on the last paragraph in this document:

But I'll look as described, and if not found will send off to you. Thanks.

Oddly the AP_ASCOM log ended hours earlier, not sure why.
To save disk space, the ASCOM driver will stop logging a few minutes after the mount parks.
Hmmm... so the ASCOM log ended about 10pm or so, and this all occurred at 5:56am. Does the logging not restart when the mount unparks? I did park it last night, as soon as I started my first slew I realized I had not balanced it, so hit emergency stop which does a park. Balanced (it was close), unparked, and the night continued, but the ascom log stopped around then?

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