AP1100AE Unexpected park?


New AP1100AE and novice imager so I am pretty sure I caused this, but would like to understand how and cannot find it in the logs... 

Woke up a hour or so before dawn, rolled over and connected the phone to check on how things were going.  Guiding had gotten bad (ok, my standards have gone up, guiding had degraded to around 0.4" RMS).  It looked to be chasing something.  I poked around and realized I had the pointing/tracking corrections on even though I did not build a model; it was running a very small model from a prior night after quite a lot of changes and setup movement.  Mea culpa.  Turned off pointing and tracking corrections, watched for 5 minutes or so - better.

Was about to go back to sleep when the familiar and awful "star lost" ding started.  Long story shortened: The mount was parked. Stars streaking.  Nowhere near meridian or horizon.

I unparked, recentered, started everything up again and it is running great, guiding back at 0.3" now after about 30 minutes.

I've been staring at logs and cannot figure out why it parked.  I see in APCC logs the unpark dialog and process, but nothing about parking (I searched for ":Me#" which is what the documentation says does a park, also the "*PARK" command I've seen when it parks in a position).  I also looked at NINA's log and see nothing other than the star lost stuff.  Oddly the AP_ASCOM log ended hours earlier, not sure why.  There's no indication of a timeout that I can find (I'm ethernet cable connected, NUC is right by the mount). 

I'd like to think I hit a button.  There's no park button visible on the screen I had up, but there is an emergency stop; the apcc log doesn't have "stop" or "emergency" in it anywhere though (no clue what to look for, and it's imaging so don't want to try it). 

What could I have done that caused a park?

What can I look for in the logs (which?) to find out what happened?   At this point it's mostly curiosity, since I just by the fact I was changing things (and on a cell phone at that time) I am sure it was something i did.  But I would like to know what.  And learn in the process more about debugging through the logs.


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