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Woody Schlom

And not just any tick, but a “Deer Tick.”  So far as I know, they’re the only ticks to carry Lyme Disease.    When I got bit by a tick, I took the dead tick to my doctor and he sent it to a lab to see what kind it was.  It wasn’t a Deer Tick so I was OK.


One of my brothers and his son did get Lyme Disease from Deer Ticks.  Wasn’t any fun.




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One minor quibble: I've never heard of a case of Lyme disease from a mosquito bite. The usual mode of transmission is from the bite of a tick infected with the Borrelia bacterium.

dan kowall


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.....For all the possible critter encounters....I still rate mosquitos the worst for astronomy hobby ;-) Lots itching but scarier is the disease they can spread....Lyme, West Nile, etc.... Links:
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