Re: Off Topic-NUC Computer

Steve Reilly wrote: 

Using the links below it seems a similar NUC built with about the same configuration is still in the original ballpark. Main difference I saw was the larger SSD choices being that the there is a spot for an additional 2.5” drive on some or an additional M2 drive. 
It's been a year, but what I got was a NUC8i5BEH kit, 500gb Samsung 860EVO, and 32gb Crucial memory.  Total cost was $595 at the time, for all name brand stuff.  I know parts shortages have changed prices a lot, but that's why I was thinking the OnLogic was twice the price.  I would definitely lean toward NVMe instead of ever putting spinning disk in a computer used outside, all sorts of benefits from power to vibration to noise.

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