Am I going to blow myself up with AC power and a surge protector?


Question for the power experts.  I'd like to start learning how to use my rig but I don't want to fry it or my children in the process.

I have a refractor, cooled cmos camera, OAG with guide camera, electronic focusing system, dew band and a power hub all riding on a Mach2.  Plan is to use a NUC for control and remote into the NUC from my indoor desktop via my home's WiFi network.  So there are only three components that wll connect directly to my home's AC power: 1) the CP5 control unit, 2) the NUC, and 3) the Power Hub (Pegasus Powerbox Advance).  All three of these components live on the pier/scope.

The rig is in my backyard ~15 feet away from the nearest outdoor AC outlet.  I was thinking I would buy a surge protector that has a 25 ft cord and run it from my wall outlet to right under my rig, where the above three components can just plug right into it.  I'm not power savvy and was hoping someone could tell me in advance if I'm going to blow something up or if there's a better way :)

Was thinking a Tripp Lite surge protector such as this:


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