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Bill Long

I use a MiniX Mini PC that works well. The specific model I use is no longer made, but they have a newer one:

Works really good, but the one thing to keep in mind is that it really wants a 12v regulated power input. If the voltage is too high, it wont turn on.

I run Voyager, SkyX, APCC Pro, PHD2, and my AGO Thermal Control software on it no problem. This one has a better processor than mine as well. The Win 10 Pro they include is authentic as well, which can be a challenge from some Amazon mini-PC products. 

If you decide you want more RAM or storage you can upgrade it. 8GB of memory and 240GB of storage should be plenty though, IMO.


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I’ve been using a 2021 i5 Mac Mini (headless) mounted to the pier running windows 10 for some time.   I think I paid like $250 (used price) a while back.   It’s got a built in power supply but in theory it can be converted to 12v supply.   Mainly chose this hardware cuz I had it in inventory. 

But I digress… Anyhow I’m also looking for a decent but cheap (eg $200 or so) small form factor PC likely suitable for mounting on top of the OTA for use with a second mount.   I’m just taken back by the lack of obvious choice when doing the market research such that I’ve kinda given up.
Perhaps when win11 drops there will be a glut of “not win11 compatible” hardware in clearance.   And is there even any win11 compatible “small form factor” PCs out yet?

It makes me wonder if now the right time to buy?

Anyhow feel free to share what the sweet spot is for an economical 12v powered PC with adequate CPU , memory , and SSD, suitable for mounting on the OTA — I’ve got a technical background in the stuff, but the choices are crazy confusing.


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