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Steve Reilly

Thanks for the feedback. Using the links below it seems a similar NUC built with about the same configuration is still in the original ballpark. Main difference I saw was the larger SSD choices being that the there is a spot for an additional 2.5” drive on some or an additional M2 drive. But being a dome and automated imaging I see value in a fanless system. I’ve been in a failed sate before with the ROR and the computer there is protected with the warm room. In the 12’ Astro Haven dome there is no protection other then what I provide. Even the less expensive units aren’t that less after figuring what you’ll need to make all your connections and added storage, at least that’s what I’m seeing. At least not a huge difference in cost. You need to remember the number of components and hardware connected. From mount, focuser, rotator, dew heaters/controller, flat panel, guide camera, main imaging camera, and I’m sure I missed something….there’s a good deal going on. The tip on the drive size was a great one and added another $200. Seems Transend is one of few that make  M2.2260 drives, most others are largerM2. Footprints.


I do use Dropbox for the telescope at SRO but for home I should be able to use and external drive on the network. As fiber internet is all but at out location, just waiting on connections, it will be fast.





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The best options to configure a NUC that I found are: (scroll down, you see some pre-configured NUC's but you can "build" them too)

NewEgg has a whole slew of barebones NUCs (e.g. that you can customize


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I have been using a "standard" NUC for about 6 years now, both in my roll off roof OBS and while traveling to dark sites.  Three years ago before going on a 6 week trip I bought a second NUC so that I could use the first one as a backup.  The first NUC has an i3 processor the second has an i5 processor.  You won't see much if any difference in download times, but things like plate solving that require more processing power will be significantly faster with the i5.  

I maintain both units and both are still going strong despite not being "industrial strength".  

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