Re: Visual vs. CCD (was Daytime...non-orthogonality)

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What must i do to subscribe AP ug?
I think that this discussion about goto accuracy is very interesting.
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Welcome to the list! At the time we switched the ap-gto list to
egroups, the "founders" decided to keep ap-gto as a more tightly
focussed group instead of blending into ap-ug.

It is always hard to draw the line, but to me the goto group should be a
little more specific than the general group. Since you, Rich, Ray and
many of us are also on ap-ug, let's continue the discussion there. In
fact, I will throw the first punch :-)


Gilles Grosgurin wrote:

Hi Rich, Hi Ray, please keep it public. I don't think either one of you
out of line, "au contraire" you both have had great comments about each
others opinions.... I've enjoyed all of your posting so far! I'm sorry
didn't get a chance to make it to Lassen last weekend but I hope to see
both soon!

BTW, I'm a new to this list! I'm the proud owner of an AP155EDFS and a
wannabe proud owner of an AP900GTO or AP1200GTO mount!
Old school buds here:

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