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Hi Steve

We have pretty much that exact model, except the i7 and 16gb ram

Personally I wish we would have gotten the 512gb for the main drive. The log files fill things up really fast, and we have to be on it otherwise it fills the drive.

Having a second 1tb drive saved our butts

We use dropbox for file transfer, so that way when we wake up in the morning, all the files are there on my home computer for processing

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Thanks for the feedback Linwood. Yes this unit does have a cable that hooks up to the MB for a single RS232 port and the others will have to be via USB to Serial and for that I already have this StarTech unit. For a dome I would prefer a sealed unit just in case hence not building the desktop unit to sit next to the pier. What I haven’t seen is a site where you can configure an Intel NUC to your needs. Not saying such a site doesn’t exist but when I google Intel NUC I get Intel’s site and mostly Amazon. If a site exist where you can configure these units similar to OnLogic’s that would make life a bit easier. I haven’t found that yet.






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Steve Reilly wrote:


I know you said you needed serial ports, but do you need an industrial strength solution?  A very nice genuine Intel NUC would be well under half that price; you would need USB to Serial adapter(s) then.


I also only see one serial port on that?  You said you needed 3?


The Whiskey Lake is an 8th generation NUC.  They are up to 11th now (oddly I don’t see a 9th listed).  That’s not necessarily bad, just a comment.  Mine was a bit older, many of the newer ones require 19v which then requires an additional power conversion (not all do).


The NUC’s themselves ( are rated for 50C operating temperature, the same as the OnLogic one (though I suspect most do it with a fan vs a monster heat sink).


Having a sealed unit without a fan does keep down dust, maybe moisture (but there’s a lot of connectors so it’s certainly not moisture proof).  But on the face of it, it looks more like you are paying double for a super durable case and lack of a fan.  If you need it, you need it.

If you don’t, you could buy two real NUC’s.  On a NUC and a nice NB filter. 




Brian Valente

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