Re: Off Topic-NUC Computer

Steve Reilly wrote:


I know you said you needed serial ports, but do you need an industrial strength solution?  A very nice genuine Intel NUC would be well under half that price; you would need USB to Serial adapter(s) then.


I also only see one serial port on that?  You said you needed 3?


The Whiskey Lake is an 8th generation NUC.  They are up to 11th now (oddly I don’t see a 9th listed).  That’s not necessarily bad, just a comment.  Mine was a bit older, many of the newer ones require 19v which then requires an additional power conversion (not all do).


The NUC’s themselves ( are rated for 50C operating temperature, the same as the OnLogic one (though I suspect most do it with a fan vs a monster heat sink).


Having a sealed unit without a fan does keep down dust, maybe moisture (but there’s a lot of connectors so it’s certainly not moisture proof).  But on the face of it, it looks more like you are paying double for a super durable case and lack of a fan.  If you need it, you need it.

If you don’t, you could buy two real NUC’s.  On a NUC and a nice NB filter. 



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