Re: Transfer of APCC Pro license with sale of a mount?

Chris White

On the APCC FAQ Page:

I just sold my mount and the new owner would like to use APCC.  May I transfer the license? 
Yes, you and the buyer must both contact Astro-Physics to make arrangements. You will need to provide information regarding your original license and the serial number of the mount. The buyer will need to complete the registration and pay a fee to transfer the mount to his/her name and email address. A brand new license will be issued that will give him/her a one-year subscription for free upgrades when new features or enhancements are released.  The transfer fee includes a $100 administrative fee and the cost of a one-year subscription.  The part number and cost of the license transfer are: 
APCC-ST-T:     $150
APCC-PRO-T:   $200

Note: According to the license agreement for all licenses issued prior to 08-16-21, transfers were not allowed. We are providing the ability to transfer these licenses as a courtesy and they are subject to our approval.

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