Re: Keypad Recalibrate with CP5/Mach2

Konstantin von Poschinger

In the PDF:

Recalibrate is used to correct the calibration of the mount if an object that you just slewed to does not appear in the center of the field. Recalibrate can be used even when the object is past the meridian and the telescope is below the mount.
Simply press the RECAL and NEXT> buttons simultaneously to recalibrate on your object. The keypad will beep to confirm that the command has been issued.
In the GTOCP4/5, you can send the mount to an object via a GoTo slew using an external planetarium program, then center and recalibrate using the keypad.
NOTE: You can only use the recalibration option if the keypad has the target object in its memory, i.e. you just gave a slew command via the keypad or external program and the keypad already knows it should be at that object. You CANNOT use this option if you manually move the telescope to another position, since the keypad would have no way of knowing what that object is.


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Am 25.09.2021 um 00:38 schrieb Stacey Mills <w4sm@...>:

I have an updated keypad with my Mach2 but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get recalibrate to work.  The only Keypad manual I can find is the one from version 4.19.3 and a LOT has changed since then.  Am I missing something??  Thanks!

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