Re: High Res Planetary imaging with the AP1100

Roland Christen

Well, you're way ahead of me for advanced planetary imaging. I do have a few good images of Saturn with my 10" Mak when the planet was higher in the sky. I'll see if I can dig them up and post if I can find them.

I sure wish I could get decent images out of our 17", but the skies just won't co-operate here.


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Yes its 60s per filter, and that's RGB-RGB-RGB on loop for a few hours.

You have to use an ADC even with a mono camera.

You'll need autostakkert3 to pick the best 20 to 30% of the frames to stack each 60s batch  (about 600 frames each 60s).

And Winjupos to derotate and stack the already stacked 60s frames (complex).

Roland Christen

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