Re: Rain Event Impact on Mount CP

Chris White

On Tue, Sep 21, 2021 at 11:00 PM, Bill Long wrote:
I have faith in the cable being the problem. I'll buy Chris a beer if it isnt. 
Bill... when are you going to buy me that beer?


Well... the new Y cable has the same effect.  Motor stall error immediately after attempting a slew.  I've contacted george to setup a return for the CP4, however I do have a trouble shooting question just in case this could be relevant.  I noticed the other night when I was trouble shooting that I got a low power error once.  I'm using a Pyramid DC converter that delivers 5A of power.  This also got rained on and I'm wondering if it is possible that this could have been damaged and cause something like the issue I'm having.  I tested the output with a multimeter and getting 12+V of power, but that doesnt mean It's not without issue under load.  I initially ruled this out because when I switched the cable from DEC to RA, the motor stall switched from DEC to RA.  That let me to believe that it was something with the Cable or the CP4. 

Before sending the CP4 in should I buy a replacement power supply and try that first?  Could this fit?

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