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Hello Luca,
Thanks everyone for the kind remarks. I used a ZWO color camera. I captured about 10,000 frames at approximately 80 frames per second so about 2 minutes total capture time. I then stacked about 5,000 frames with Autostakart (?). After stacking I used wavelets in registax and then photoshop to process.

Thanks again,


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That is a really beautiful image! Crisp and clean. Obviously you have great equipment and favorable seeing but I echo the request if you wouldn’t mind sharing your acquisition and processing workflows. 



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Yes it is everybody's favorite, mine included!

During public events at our observatories, I always save Saturn for last, not telling anyone what they will see next.  I LOVE the reactions and exclamations of "It's not real!"  That never, ever, gets old for me.


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Very nice. Pretty little planet indeed, everyone's favorite planet.


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