Re: High Res Planetary imaging with the AP1100

Dale Ghent

2.9um pixels so I'm thinking either a IMX290 or IMX462 chip. I'll bet it's the latter for its NIR sensitivity when used with a CH4 filter.

Amazing images for sure and at not even half-way up in the sky for him. I wish I had seeing like that.

On Sep 24, 2021, at 15:45, Roland Christen via <> wrote:

Those are really great. I assume you used a small Cmos color camera?


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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share a few images taken with the AP1100 and C14 at about 0.1 arcseconds/pixel.

The planets were tracked for several hours and lots of data was recorded with the best frames stacked and derotated.

Roland Christen

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