Re: AP Version 2 error: Run-time error 91

Tom Blahovici

The question is does one need to connect to the AP driver in APCC?  I have seen comments that it does if you want to use your model. So. So do you Ray?

I have 4 virtual ports that appear and a my software connects up fine there. What does using an additional one in apccs section for the Ap driver do?

As to releases not tested enough, one can only test so much and then you adjust going forward. I am a software developer myself and until there are enough people using something, you never know for sure. Beta testers are completely unreliable in general with 90% not doing anything. That's my experience.
So when a bug shows up, being responsive and agile is more important. That's exactly what happens with AP products. Not to mention that astronomy products are dependent on weather. Having to wait until all the testers have clear sky's might make the product cycle way too long ..
Kelp up the great work Ray!

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