Re: Computer not recognizing CP5 control box #APCC

Mike Hanson

Hi Aaron,

When the CP5 joins a network, the Access Point will be turned off because the Wi-Fi hardware does not have enough resources to support full functionality on both the Access Point and Station interfaces simultaneously.  That's why the Access Point closed.  Generally, an Ethernet connection is used to configure Wi-Fi initially, so that the act of reconfiguring Wi-Fi doesn't cause disconnection on Wi-Fi.

Since the Access Point is gone, it may mean that your CP5 is connected to the network you told it to join.  Put you computer on the same network you told the CP5 to join, and use APCC's "auto-discovery" to find it.  Suggest selecting UDP/LAN as the connection type, then click on the Magnifying Glass icon next to it to "auto-discover" it.  If it is not found, please e-mail me privately.  

Mike Hanson

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