Computer not recognizing CP5 control box #APCC


Brand new A-P customer here.  I'm sure I'm doing something stupid.  Any help is much appreciated.

Am installing / setting up the AP V2 driver / APCC Pro for the first time.  Also plugging in my Mach2 and CP5 for the first time.  Goal was to set CP5 to station mode and use it via my home's WiFi network.  The manual gives clear instructions for how to do this, which are basically:

1) Go to CP5's homepage by first configuring for "Access Point Configuration"
2) Change the setting to use Station Mode in the advanced wireless settings there.

So I did this.  I turned on the mount/CP5.  CP5's network appeared in my wireless networks after a few seconds.  I connected my computer to this network using the default password provided by A-P.  It worked.

I then navigated to CP5's homepage and attempted to change the setting to use the CP5 in station mode.  I selected my home network and entered the password.  I then clicked CONNECT.  It then said CONNECTING...

All seemed well, but five minutes later it was still CONNECTING...

So I closed the window, unplugged the mount/CP5, rebooted, and tried again.  But now my computer does not find the CP5's network, and as a result, I am not able to navigate to CP5's homepage or proceed further in setting up APCC Pro.  Instead, the computer recognizes a "hidden network" among my wireless networks.  I attempted to connect to this network and it asked me for the network's name (SSID) and password.  I provided the name of GTOCP5_Net_X, where X represents the numeric portion of my CP5's serial number without the leading zeros.  I entered the password as well.  I got a message saying "Cannot connect to this network."

I've tried rebooting everything and doing it again.  Same problem.  I have A-P's AC adapter and anderson powerpoles going from my wall outlet into the mount anderson powerpoles on the RA rear plate, the CP5's power cable going from the CP5 to the mount anderson powerpoles in the DEC top plate, the RA/DEC cables going from the CP5 to the Mach2, and a USB cord going from the CP5 to my computer.

The CP5's power indicator light is red, indicating proper power functioning.  

Any ideas?


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