Re: APCC with SGP Pier Flip Failure #APCC

Luca Marinelli

Hi Marcelo,

Be careful not to confuse the crossing of the Meridian line with Meridian limits set in APCC. Flip Offset is relative to the Meridian limit, which could be minutes or hours after the crossing the Meridian line. It's simply the RA position of the mount when the camera may get close to colliding with the pier at that declination. A positive Flip Offset is the time before reaching the Meridian limit when APCC will accept a command to flip the mount. When you check the West Limits checkbox and Send Limit with Offset to SGPro, the time that appears on the SGPro console when the flip will be initiated is the time displayed in the Time before limit reached box in APCC minus the Flip Offset. Again, depending on your setup, OTA, and target, this time could be hours after the Meridian crossing. A negative Flip Offset would put the mount in the danger zone of a pier crash.

If you use SGP to take care of pier flip, you can still use the Meridian limit tab in APCC to ensure that in case of software malfunction your OTA will stop tracking before a pier collision. Again, if you map out your meridian limit, this can be a fail safe if the pier flip does not happen. In that case, simply do not check the Send Limit with Offset to SGPro and you SGP will continue managing the flip as you have done before.


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