Re: APPM different with V1.9.0.9?


Hi Rouz

what kind of ota do you have?

I have a couple thoughts to how to diagnose what's going on, having had similar warnings as yours:

If/when you return to 19.0.9 - 
I'd try a smaller model to test, maybe 50-70 points
I would increase your mount settle time to maybe 15 seconds, and enable "require high accuracy slews" 
I would also Save All plate solve images (under Tools menu in APPM) 
You can then inspect the images to see if the mount is settling properly. Look for nice round stars and not streaks


On Wed, Sep 22, 2021 at 10:39 PM Rouz <rbidshahri@...> wrote:
Screenshot of APPM working after rolling back to V1.9.0.7.


Brian Valente

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