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Christopher Erickson

If it let out some big cat howls, it was looking for love, not a fight. And one or more people in the group must have had indoor cats and their clothes were saturated with cat musk.

Hunting cats make no noise whatsoever.

I thought you needed to know that. LOL!

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I have coyotes in the cornfields nearby that howl up a storm whenever a distant police car sounds his siren. They also howl at the Moon when it rises over the treetops.


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It's a spooky sound.  Sitting out next to the telescope and hearing a deer being killed in the neighbor's yard leaves a person feeling a bit exposed.  I still prefer the four legged neighbors rather than the two legged variety!  

There have been a number guys in the local astronomy club using the darker regional parks who have had experiences with the local mountain lions.  For whatever reason a lion approached the groups after dark and let out a few big cat howls.  The call of the wild was followed by a rapid packing of vehicles and calling it a night.

Roland Christen

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