Re: APCC with SGP Pier Flip Failure #APCC

Andrew J

Hi Ray.

Thanks for the feedback. Good info on SGPro v4 allowing negative values. Also, your point about allow CW UP Slews is a good one. I think Luca made the same suggestion above. I am always reluctant to give external programs the ability to do CW Up Slews for fear of Pier Crashes. However, I guess as long as I keep the Homing Limits in place I should be OK.

Slightly off topic, but I do wish the Homing Limits were more like the meridian limits where you could specify different values for different DEC values. I use the Homing Limits as a "no fly zone", that no matter where a slew or tracking command comes from the mount will never get into a situation where a Pier Crash is emminant. Meridian Limits are great, except for the "Not Slew Limits" warning. I wish they they were slew limits as well. We could setup the limits one time when mounting a new scope and imaging train and the sleep well knowing there is no possible way for an errant slew or user error to cause the mount to slew or track into the Pier. For those of us who operate our rigs remotely, this would be a very nice feature....

Andrew J

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