Re: semi-OT: deterring critters in the obsy

Phillip Klein


Seeing the emails about critters prompted me to send the photo of the critter that strolled by last night . The image was captured on my game camera. The mountain lion is approximately 100 feet from the concrete pier of my telescope which was not in use at the time. Perhaps I need to keep a can of bear spray next to me but on the other hand if I was present the lion would likely never have walked by
My site is located on the central coast of California on the east side of the Santa Lucia Mountains.

Wishing you clear skies!


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For the wasps you can use decoy nests. It does not kill them, but you can basically decide where they will go. 

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I do two things.  
1.  Twice per year (early Spring and early Fall) I spray an insecticide called Tempo SC Ultra on the outside walls and perimeter of my roll off roof obs.  This stuff works great, for other areas of the house too.
2.  I put a little bit of peppermint extract in a small spray bottle and once a month I spray the inside of the obs, especially around any cracks.

I haven't seen a spider in years in my obs; wasps are a completely different story.  Nothing deters those buggers.


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