Re: APCC with SGP Pier Flip Failure #APCC

Luca Marinelli

On Tue, Sep 21, 2021 at 11:00 PM, <psparkman@...> wrote:
Luca Marinelli,

How do you set your Telescope Sync Behavior in SGP?  I am using Target Offset.
I set Telescope Sync behavior to Sync, which is translated to Recal by APCC. Ray can comment further but I believe this should be ok also when running an APPM model. It just tells the mount where it actually is, regardless of any assumptions, and the model should rotate if necessary to take into account the actual position of the mount.

I ran a couple of experiments and found something else that may be causing your meridian flip failure. You need to check the West Limits checkbox or the meridian flip will happen at the actual meridian, regardless of whether Limit to Meridian is checked. Given your meridian limits, I would set up the flip in one of two ways:

1) SGP handles the meridian delay and APCC only handles safety: Set Minutes Past Meridian to Flip in SGP at least 5 minutes to ensure that the mount is definitely CW up when the flip procedure starts. In APCC, uncheck send limits with offset to SGP.

2) APCC handles meridian delay and safety, SGP requests the flip at the time set by APCC: Minutes Past Meridian to Flip is irrelevant and overridden by APCC, make sure Limit to Meridian is unchecked, West Limits and Send Limit with offset to SGP are both checked. Set Flip Offset to 15 minutes (or 5 min + longest exposure in your sequence).

I prefer approach 2) but both should work. If you connect the mount and play with the settings in APCC you will see how the Scope flip time in SGP changes in real time.


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