Re: #Keypad Park Positions: AP 1100 GTO with encoders #Keypad

Mike Dodd

On 9/21/2021 10:32 PM, Thomas Giannaccini wrote:
I think I generally only used “resume from park” on the initial startup.
Initially that was Park 1, until George said to use Park 3. So, from
that point forward I would resume from Park 3.
I think the best thing to do is Resume From Last Parked. If I've loosened the clutches, I use a park position that puts the CWT shaft and the OTA both horizontal. These are 1 (obsolete), 4, and 5.

I store the mount in Park 1 so it will fit in the shed. Perhaps I can
try Park 4 or 5 to store it. I will first try resuming from Park 4 or 5
but if that doesn't work, I will just start from Park 3 by manually
placing it there by hand if necessary after slewing to Park 3.
I'm sure you know that Park 4 and 5 are the same, with the OTA pointing in opposite directions. Hopefully one of those will work for you.

A-P told me how to resume from a Park position:
1. With the scope set up, loosen the clutches, then command a Park to the desired position.
2. Wait until the motors stop, then turn off mount power.
3. Physically adjust the mount to the correct position using reference marks or a level (I use a level because my 1200 has no marks).
4. Tighten the clutches, and power-up the mount.
5. Command a Resume From Last Parked. If you don't have that option, resume from the position you parked the mount in step 1.

Is your mount connected to a computer? If so, the ASCOM driver gives you access to Park 5 and Resume From Last Parked if your keypad doesn't have those.

As to if the weights were pointed upwards,
I did not notice them pointing up but if it was by a small amount I may
not have seen it.
RA tracks at 15 degrees per hour (3600 seconds), so if it takes just several seconds for the CWT shaft to become "up," that angle will be less than 0.02 degrees. You'll never notice that! :-)

I am interested to try Roland’s suggestion. I think I may have to update
my keypad to get Park 5
Do you have a computer? The ASCOM driver has park 5. Get the A-P utility called APJog, and use that to connect to the mount. Connecting launches the ASCOM driver, and you can use its windows to setup the mount, slew it, and park it any of the five positions. Very handy!

I haven't used my (old) keypad for a long time -- just APJOG and the ASCOM driver.

--- Mike

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