Re: APCC with SGP Pier Flip Failure #APCC


Thanks Ray.  Yes, I am really bummed to not have the scope set up tonight while it is a very clear night (except for the moon) here in San Diego.  We are having concrete work done and I set up my scope on the patio.  Oh well.

I think you are on to something Ray.  I had a 1 minute past the meridian delay set in SGP, and it properly instigated the pier flip at that time and shows that it thinks the scope is 0.25 degrees past the meridian (1 minute).  However, it is based off of the offset it calculates from the plate solve.  So, it might be the case that with the offset error between SGP's actual plate solve and the coordinates that the mount model thinks it is located the mount thinks that it is slewing to coordinates that are still on the west side of the pier.  So it is not the delay from the safety slew, but rather the difference between where the mount thinks it is and the actual coordinates from the plate solve causing the mount to stay slewed on the west side of the mount.  Now I just need a way to give myself some more tolerance between the pier flip coordinates and the coordinates that will force the mount to flip rather than slew.

Now how to set up the proper offsets to ensure that I don't have this problem.  I see that I should probably sync the mount model each night near where I anticipate the flip to occur so I get a more accurate mount position.  

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