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Mike Dodd

On 9/21/2021 8:37 PM, Thomas Giannaccini wrote:
When I try to attain Park 4 by slewing to it then
manually adjusting, it throws the other Park positions off.
After you manually adjust the mount in Park 4, what do you do next? Do you "Resume From Last Parked?"

...when the mount is in Park 1 and slews to Park 4 which way
is the main objective of the OTA supposed to swing? South or North?
In Park 1, the OTA is horizontal pointing north. In Park 4, the OTA is horizontal pointing south.

The issue with Park 1, as pointed out by A-P, is that as soon as you unpark, the mount is tracking, and after only a few seconds, it believes the counterweight is up, which can be bad. From the keypad manual: "Park 1 is only seconds away from tracking into a counterweight-up status and slews from Park 1 to western objects may cause the scope to point toward the ground when beginning the slew."

How long do you wait after unparking from Park 1 before you slew to a sky target? I usually do that immediately, as quickly as I can pick a target. I have never had a problem unparking from Park 1 if I'm quick to slew to an east target. But, again, Park 4 where I level the mount and OTA if necessary. (Actually, I will use Park 5 in the future because that doesn't stretch my imaging cables as much as Park 4.)

--- Mike

--- Mike

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