Re: Having lots of issues with APCC, Point mapper and other ASCOM products...

Ray Gralak

There are a couple of other items.
Voyager has a mount option to not do a recal. It's called "Not sync if using pointing model. " That's why I
It should be okay to leave that enabled if you want. You can sync (recal) into APCC's model as long as the coordinates are accurate. A bad plate solve (one that "succeeds" but with wrong coordinates) would obviously not do what you want, so APCC provides some protection against this if "Prevent Errant RECALs" is turned on in APCC's advanced settings (which it is by default.)

Now I used PemPro for the polar alignment. It gave me a drift of 15 arc seconds over 10 minutes in both axis.
However after the model, the parameters for the polar alignment said I was off by 1.5 minutes in azimuth. How
is this reconciled?
You don't need to do anything. The model automatically corrects for polar alignment errors.


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