Re: Having lots of issues with APCC, Point mapper and other ASCOM products...

Tom Blahovici

Ok.  Actually what was happening is that none of the virtual ports were being created.  Now that they are, it seems to be fine.  However, I have some questions.

1. What is the purpose of the AP V2 connect button in APCC? Why does APCC need to connect to the driver? Applications seem to work fine even if this is not connected.
2. Once I have my mapping done, do I need to use the APPM software to do an initial sync and recal before using Voyager?
3. Must all recals be turned off in other software when you are using a model?
4. Tonight I did a 100 point model. When the scope went into the west, clouds rolled in and I only got part of the points there.  Do I need to redo the whole model?  Or can just the missing points be done or added?
I guess that covers the questions for now.

Thanks, Tom

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