Rain Event Impact on Mount CP

Chris White

The rain event that I documented over on the AP-UG appears to have also impacted my mount. 

When I attempted to slew the other night I got a motor stall error on DEC, followed by DEC axis starting a slow slew to the south in an uncontrollable movement.  Uncontrollable meaning the mount was unresponsive to the stop command in the ASCOM driver and only by nudging the mount north or south would it arrest. I could repeat the error as every time I tried to move the mount north or south it would produce the motor stall error.  I also once saw a low power error.   RA seemed to slew normally.  So I switched the Y cable from RA to DEC and DEC to RA and DEC began working fine while RA had a motor stall.  I concluded that somehow the Y cable was damaged either by the rain or by me when I disconnected my CP4 to bring it in to dry out. 

I'm hoping that this test is definitive.  I ordered a replacement Y cable (funny enough another counterweight accidentally fell into my shopping cart) and hoping that this resolves my problem.  Anything else I should be concerned about or consider?

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