Re: Trouble with MaxDome II slaving to APPM

Ray Gralak


You can use the "Passive"mode (in "AP Point Mapper -> Dome Settings" and
ASCOM's Device Hub or SGP's Dome Slaving, but you will likely have to
add significant delays so that APPM can recognize that the dome is
moving . The big disadvantage of this is that your mapping settings
will take hours--I guess that's OK since you shouldn't need to do them
that often...
How much delay do you have configured in APPM for passive dome mode?

If it is 5+5 seconds for each point, then 360 points would add up to 3600 seconds (1 hour) maximum of extra time. If it takes "hours" to create a model, then maybe the dome driver is not promptly reporting movements, which would allow you to reduce the delays?


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