Re: Mount Synchronization Memory Lapse

Ray Gralak

Hi Jerome,

The first thing to check is that latitude/longitude/time are correct (on APCC's Site tab). If any of those are wrong, you can have proper RA/Dec, but the wrong Altitude/Azimuth.

If you are not running the latest APCC, you should update. Some of the earlier versions would only try to read Lat/Long once, and if the mount was not powered, APCC would use Lat=0. Later versions of APCC will try to read Lat/Long more robustly.

But to answer your question, one way to restore mount position is to:

1) Move the mount to the park 3 position by loosening the clutches and manually moving the scope, or via move buttons if you are remote and have a camera viewing the scope.
2) Tighten the clutches if you had loosened and manually moved the mount in the previous step.
3) Use APCC or the ASCOM driver to park the mount at the current position
4) Use APCC or the ASCOM driver to unpark from the Park 3 position.
5) Slew the scope to someplace away from Park 3.
6) Do a plate solve and recal to regain precise sky position.

Another way to do this is to do an All-Sky plate solve and recal. But you will have to temporarily uncheck "Prevent errant RECALs" in APCC's advanced settings. That is, after successfully recalibrating, go back into APCC's advanced settings and set the checkbox option for "Prevent errant RECALs" .


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I have a nice new camera attached to my Mach1 but I failed to check the balance before messing with the
camera. The scope is now way out of synch with what I see in ACP. I have run the ACP findlostscope script
and it says it corrects, but it does not. The fine team at Astrophysics saved my buns on this one time in the
past with another synchronization procedure purely done through APCC... but I cannot remember the
procedure nor find my notes.

Can somebody tell me what the procedure is?

The ALT reading on APCC and APC differs by 40 DEG.

BTW, the new lightweight camera is a ZWO ASI 6200... it does not produce lightweight files.... they are


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