Re: semi-OT: deterring critters in the obsy

Mike Dodd

On 9/18/2021 10:51 AM, Michael Hamburg via wrote:
My biggest problem has always ben mice!
Last summer mice built a large nest in the open area beneath my 1200's RA assembly. After removing it, I set a trap with peanut butter bait, but never caught a mouse. Same this year -- a small nest, but no trapped mice.

There was a pile of leaves and grass behind the computer monitor in the NE corner, so I'm sure they were coming in via the ROR support track --
up the diagonal brace, along the track, and through the track gap in the gable end.

This year I installed aluminum screening around the top of the track support posts (image attached). So far, so good.

When I built the observatory, I glued screening to the pier and the sides of hole in the floor as a "critter screen" to keep out everything prowling on the ground. <>

--- Mike

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