Re: semi-OT: deterring critters in the obsy

M Hambrick

Hi Dale

I used to feel the same as you about spiders and left them alone so they would eat the other insects. That was a mistake. Once they get a foothold they are hard to get rid of. 

As for wasps and hornets, the mud daubers are the worst. It is very difficult to completely remove the residue from their mud nests. I suggest aggressively controlling these insects.

I like pyrethrin insecticides, but the Ortho Home Defense spray also seems to be pretty effective at controlling many insects, but I am not sure about spiders. If you spray the perimeter of the observatory inside and out a couple times a year at ground level and where the roof retracts that should help.

Spiders don't like light. you could also consider adding some windows and leave the shades up except when you are observing.


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