Re: semi-OT: deterring critters in the obsy

Joseph Beyer

Some of the pyrethrin-based insecticides, which tend to be less toxic to mammals have sustained activity.  In particular there are sprays or formulations that claim to give one to several months of activity.  I use an Ortho product that is called a perimeter defense that is stated to provide 6 months of activity.  After drying it is essentially odorless and from what I've observed seems to be quite effective.  I have a small weather station in my yard and the spiders find it very inviting.  Once or twice a year I'll open it up and wipe a thin coating of the perimeter defense spray inside and it helps a lot in keeping the critters out.

I think the pyrethrin-based insecticides that are used for subterranean termites are even more prolonged in activity since they're injected into the ground around structures.


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