Re: Dovelm162 springs too short or assembled wrong?

M Hambrick

Hi Linwood

You raise a good point about your C14 not having rings. That changes things quite a bit. As to your question:

Specifically do some of you have the 16” dovetail, which when set up with knobs pointing to the sky, if you loosen the knobs the clamp’s spring stays engaged and holding it against the knob all the way until the clamp clears the saddle’s gap completely? And if you jiggle or press back, it pops back open, clearing the gap.

My clamps exhibit essentially the same behavior as you describe for yours. When I loosen the knobs, the OEM spring is completely uncompressed before the edges of clamps are completely out of the dovetail gap. This has not been a problem for me however because I am not trying to manage a heavy load at the same time I am opening the clamps. For my 180 EDT I mount my SBD16 dovetail plate with rings attached to the DOVELM162 before attaching the scope. For my Stowaway and NP101 scopes I mount the SBD12 with the rings and scope already attached to the DOVELM162. In either case, if the clamps are in the way I can just push them back with one hand while holding onto scope / rings with the other.

Per my earlier post, I tried out some longer springs and they did work as far as pushing the clamps back, but they were a little bit too long and I was worried that they would eject the clamp and knob, so put the original springs back in.

I am still wondering if you would not have an easier time installing your C14 into the dovetail plate from Park 2 instead of Park 3.

Like you, I set up and take down my setup every session. I am always on the lookout for ways to speed up the process.


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