Re: Dovelm162 springs too short or assembled wrong?

Tom Blahovici

I'm the OP and this is exactly the case with mine.
Just for people reading this, if you are doing this with the clams down you will not have an issue, however you should try it with the clamps up. It is vastly easier and more secure.
I start by placing the saddle horizontal with the clamps up. You can then take the complete telescope, rings and dovetail and just position it so the lower groove engages the groove on the saddle. This is already more secure than the other way around, with the clamps down since there is no groove on that side. You can then with one hand just push on the whole scope until it contacts the saddle plate and then the other hand can just tighten the clamps.
Of course if the clamps don't open enough then they get in the way.

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