Re: APPM - error

Dale Ghent

It's not entirely clear what your full APPM configuration is, but here's what you should generally have:

1. Make sure your local copy of ASTAP is updated
2. In NINA, make sure Enable Server is On
3. In APPM, set Camera to NINA
4. In APPM, review the exposure settings. I run my QHY600 with bin2, full frame.
5. The only difference between the default ASTAP settings in APPM is that I limit to 500 stars instead of the default of 1000.

On Sep 16, 2021, at 21:42, Ron Kramer <> wrote:

WORKED on it all night - giving up. I couldn't get APPM to work with ASTAP. Oddly - another solver in APPM setup is "SGP"? That's now a solver that's a program like NINA setup with a solver. Why can't I select NINA (setup to solve with ASTAP?) As that works perfectly. I've never had it not solve until I tried solving through APPM with the 106.00 update I bought. = (

On Thu, Sep 16, 2021 at 6:55 PM Ron Kramer via <> wrote:
SEtup but still light out. I clicked this test button. I loaded a APPM pic from last night and it loaded and solved under 3 seconds.

All I changed was bin from 1 to 2. I'll try live tonight and update with my results.
<APPM capture57.png>

Ron Kramer

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