Re: Dovelm162 springs too short or assembled wrong?

Harley Davidson


I agree, I've never thought there to be an issue and do like you do it.


On 9/16/2021 2:50 PM, ap@... wrote:

From Bill Long:


  • I am having a hard time determining what the problem is exactly. 



I grab them with my finger as I loosen and push to the left, and repeat until the clamp clears the area.  Needing to push them by hand is a very, very minor nuisance.  Not worth fixing for that.


I didn’t even think to ask about them, I just assumed it was as designed.  I mean, I came from a MyT where you cannot drop in a dovetail, period – you have to slide them in from the end.  So I was absolutely delighted I could drop it in at all.


But being able to open the clamps up and have them stay open would be very nice.




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