Re: Dovelm162 springs too short or assembled wrong?

Woody Schlom

I wonder if over time, some of the springs are compressing and not fully extending?  As if the metal wasn't tempered correctly. Perhaps an entire batch wasn't tempered correctly.  So those of us who got "good" springs don't have this problem at all. But others got all "bad" springs,  or even a mix of good and bad springs.

New they all worked. But years later,  some of the springs are getting tired?  


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Okay, that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. I use this saddle and have never run into this problem myself, but I could see how this would be impactful to someone. Good to see there is a solution in store.

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From Bill Long:


  • I am having a hard time determining what the problem is exactly. 


I can explain from my perspective.  Picture the saddle in Park 3, so facing north and level side to side, empty, and the knobs mostly all the way in (just for this example).


I want to install my C11.  I loosen the knobs to make room.  As I continue loosening them, before the clamps clear the dovetail area, the spring runs out and they just sit there as I loosen more and more, still blocking the area.


I grab them with my finger as I loosen and push to the left, and repeat until the clamp clears the area.  Needing to push them by hand is a very, very minor nuisance.  Not worth fixing for that.


Now I go pick up the OTA and go to lower it into the saddle.  If I hit it square, great.  If it drags slightly on the left side because it’s heavy and it’s dark and I’m clumsy, the clamp flops back over into the dovetail area and you can’t sit the dovetail into the saddle.  Now (holding the large OTA with two hands) I reach with my third hand and shift the clamp back out of the way.   Except, well, for the lack of a third hand, so I have to set the OTA down on the grass, reset the clamps, pick it up and repeat.  This is the somewhat more serious nuisance, still fairly minor .


I didn’t even think to ask about them, I just assumed it was as designed.  I mean, I came from a MyT where you cannot drop in a dovetail, period – you have to slide them in from the end.  So I was absolutely delighted I could drop it in at all.


But being able to open the clamps up and have them stay open would be very nice.




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