Re: Dovelm162 springs too short or assembled wrong?

Marj Christen wrote:


  • The assembly procedure and components have not changed for many years. Your is the first concern that I am aware of regarding this issue. I suspect that many users orient the plate so the clamps are down and gravity has assisted the clamp to move away from the center channel. When the clamps are down, you don’t have to reach over the scope to tighten the knobs.


I tend to load and unload from Park 3, so it’s pulling them out by finger, and hoping the dovetail doesn’t hit them during insertion and push them back.  But it’s a very minor issue for me.  In removing the dovetail it’s moot.  Nonetheless…


  • Nevertheless, we have ordered springs that are longer than what we have used. Once we have tested them to be sure that they have the correct compression, we will send some to you.


Could you put me down as well?  I’m happy to purchase them.   It’s a minor nuisance but also looks like a minor cost to solve it.


Linwood Ferguson


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