Re: Erratic behavior, possibly contact related

M. Collins

  As I noted, the mount has operated without any errors over many hours in the past week, so at the moment there is nothing to investigate. Prior to exchanging any of the electronic components, I did check to see that all of the connections were sound, including the three associated with the Y cable. While I didn't remove the shells to inspect the soldered connections to the pins on the three connectors, the cable shows no sign of damage and it seems likely that an intermittent contact between the motor controller and motors would have resurfaced by now. So at best, there was an fault somewhere which had cleared coincidentally when the hand controller was reconnected.

  Also, the RA axis exhibited the same erratic behavior as reported for the declination axis when I was initially investigating last Wednesday, running away or rapidly stopping/starting during a slew. Whatever was causing problems appears to have been common to both axes. Perhaps a cable fault could cause such a thing. No other single element (other than the hand controller, which you've ruled out) was in place each time failures occurred. (And to be clear, only the hand controller, Y cable and power were connected to either the CP2 or CP3 during the initial investigation. The USB/serial translator was not connected until after the mount had operated using the hand controller for more than half an hour after the problems had disappeared.)

  If we see further issues, I'll start by checking the connections through the Y cable.

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