Re: Dovelm162 springs too short or assembled wrong?

Tom Blahovici wrote:


  • I have to add 4 washers to make this work. But I am concerned that they can interfere with the dovetail.


That’s actually on my list of nuisances to research, I was going to see if someone had a longer spring, but wasn’t sure if the cavity inside was large enough to fully close.


I put bright white tape on mine at the point where the clamp clears the opening so in poor light I can tell when I have them all opened and can drop in a dovetail in Park 3.  I unscrew a bit and pull with my finger until they align; also keeps me from unscrewing so far the knob comes off.   Here the middle one I pulled to the left with my fingers, the top is where the spring quits pushing out.


I was just so glad to switch to a saddle that you can drop in I didn’t worry too much – the Paramounts have to be threaded from the end, no drop-in at all.


I did wonder if this is by design or just an oversight.  If someone finds a source for a longer spring (and confirms there is room), please do post.





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