John Upton


On Tue, Sep 14, 2021 at 11:41 AM, Roland Christen wrote:
On the other hand, for the Mach2 we decided to go with a separate shaft onto which the encoder is attached. This shaft rotates with the scope, rather than with the worm wheel, therefore you can unlock the clutches and move the scope manually and the encoders will follow that movement. This allowed us to use the encoders to determine the park positions rather than basing it on time. Therefore, on the Mach2, the parks are always in the same position, and we also have a home position that is encoder based and can be replicated to the arc sec level every time.
   OK, so the Mach2 is handled as an exception in the code compared to the other AP mounts. Park positions for the Mach2 are determined by the encoders as I originally thought.

   That brings me back to my original question:

   If I carefully level the Mount / OTA in Park 5 position, what factors will cause the Altitude adjustment portion of your improved 2020 polar alignment procedure to see largish errors in Altitude? I was seeing between about 40 and 50 arc-minutes error after having carefully leveling the OTA at Park 5. (The level I used was carefully calibrated and read the same value after turning it 180°. There was no +/- change in the two readings.)


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