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Karen Christen

Hello Astro-Nuts:


For clarification:

  • We introduced the Mach2 at NEAF in April 2019.  At that time we opened the Notify Me list on our website.  (No one has waited 3 years.)
  • We accepted the first orders for Mach2s in September 2019 (2 years ago).
  • While Mr Trivedi was on the notification list since Spring 2019, we reached his name and he placed his order in April 2021.
  • Between supply chain challenges, an almost 3-month factory shutdown, and more, Covid has definitely delayed production of our entire line of products.


We’re steadily working to make mounts, scopes, and accessories.  We’re well into our next 1600GTO production run, and have started the next Mach2 run, as well.  We anticipate

Mach2 notification to begin early in 2022, maybe sooner if things smooth out a bit.  We appreciate your patience.





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Also the list went up while the final design and testing phases were still in progress. Then the production run started and COVID-19 hit. So the timelines are all skewed.


AP did an amazing job getting mounts to people given the circumstances. 


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Discount 2020 due to covid, so about 2 years.


Karen Christen

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